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Marzio Veneman: BPR-artisan & transcultural projects establishment


- In- & outbound Pax
- GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) 
- Performing Arts
- Space industry


Telephone: +31(0)6 - 22 394 024

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Established pragmatic and altruistic, international and cross-cultural high-commitment self-employed free lance interim financial controller/back-office client portfolio professional advisor (intrapreneur) and talenteer.

Pro-active and passionate Business Measurement Process, Strategic Systems Audit and Business Process Re-engeneering (BPR) portfolio-manager, who implements a consistent business model infrastructure (AO inspired on corporate governance and Production Flow Control Systems, such as iTLS).

Capable of managing change (via the combination of Fact -, Knowledge -, Performance Management, plus an acquired expert "bird's eye view") and responsible with regards to fiduciary duties (Treasure, Cash or Risk Management), based on set priorities.

Managementreporting (Activity Based Costing -ƒMIS-, Enterprise Information Management -EIM-, Tax efficient Supply Chain Management -SCM- and Business Process Management -BPM-) during my watch, will be delivered complete, reviewable and on-time ( JIT), with the focus of continuously and structuraly creating or unlocking value by leverage of the quality and quantity of the output of the department, company, holding or conglomerate. Futureproofing company fitness and stakeholders value or stakeholders welfare (ROI).

Available through free proposal both for profit as well as non-profit engagements, workshops, think-tanks and 2nd chair (NGO). Including but not limited to interim, partnering & alliances.

Specialismen Set-up of international legal entities and structures (at arm's lenght and intercompany transfer with multi-national enterprises (MNEs)), including tax rulings, branch office, liasson office, representative office, bonded warehouse, free trade zones; trusts; expatriate advice and managing the professional service company.

Inventions: Assignement fee; Financial funding (Cost+), routing slips, spot-report and introduction of Forensic Accountancy Services.

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